A Rate Limited Queue

A queue that allows for processing of items within one or more rate-limits.

The original prototype for this code was written to rate-limit calls to a geocoding api via geopy.

import geopy

from rate_limited_queue import RateLimitedQueue, RateLimit

addresses = open("some_file_of_addresses.txt").read().splitlines()

# No more than ten addresses geocoded per second
rate_limit = RateLimit(duration=1, max_per_interval=10)

geocoder = geopy.geocoder.OpenMapQuest()

q = RateLimitedQueue(
                    processing_function = geocoder.geocode,
                    rate_limits = [rate_limit])

# Grabs the geocoded locations, but doesn't process
# more than ten per second
geocoded_locations = q.process()


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